“I have a surprise,” said the small girl.
“Tell me! Tell me!” screamed her older brother, while he was running towards her. The girl showed him a small object and the boy was watching it very distrustfully.
“Watches? Really?” said he mockingly.
“Gabriel, I like them. They look pretty nice.”

“No ‚but’. I bought them in one small store for my money.”
 “What store, Christine?”
“A store with old and historical things,” she whispered confusedly.
“What?! Carl said that everything in this store is magical!” screamed Gabriel.
“Seriously? That’s fantastic!”
“No, it’s not. We don’t know what it can do. I’ll give them back to the store and you will forget that some watches ever were, right?”
“Gabriel… Please, may I keep them for one day?” begged Christine. Gabriel was thinking about it. If they kept these watches, something could happen. But he loved his sister, so he agreed. Later that day, Gabriel was sleeping and Christine was playing with watches. She was happy, because Gabrie had allowed her to keep them for one day. But suddenly, the hands of the watches started to spin.
“Gabe?” she yelped.
“Y-Yes, Christ?” he asked sleepily.
“These watches are… I don’t know… They are spinning with no cause! Please, come here, I’m scared…”
“What are you talki-” he stuck and observed the watches.
“Christine, what did you do to them?”
“Nothing. I was just looking at them. Nothing more.”
Then the watches shined and siblings were blinded by the light. When they could see something, Gabriel freezed. He saw a big brown thing – it had cat’s body and its head was made of clocks. Christine screamed and she hid herself behind her brother.
“What’s that, Gabe? What?” whispered Christine. But Gabriel was paralyzed by the horrible creature. The girl jerked with his arm but he didn’t react. Then creature hit them with its tail. The sibling flew away. Christine’s cry crossed out the horror silence. Gabriel woke up and covered her with his body. He was thinking that the monster would kill them. He hugged his sister, when it scrathed him. The pain was boundless. He closed his eyes and started to cry, and then he could’t feel the pain. Everything was gone. Gabriel opened his eyes. He was in bed and Christine was sleeping next to him. He closed his eyes again and smiled. It was just a nigtmare.
K. K.